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Which webcam is best for weather observation? Where are the strengths and where are the weaknesses? We tested three weather webcams.

Instar’s webcam impresses with a sophisticated backend and is extremely user-friendly. But not only that – the technology is also impressive!

Convincing, but with weaknesses in user-friendliness and with a plug-in, which will soon no longer be supported

Different requirements, different target groups. What can the current weather stations do and for whom is which one is best suited?

The TFA * Weather Hub is declared by the manufacturer as an upscale weather station. The weather station has a special feature: it does not have its own display and requires a smartphone or tablet as a display medium.

The weather station SPRING BREEZE * from TFA is a weather station in the middle price segment and, with the wind sensor, offers one more measured value than is usual in this price range.

The Tempesta 300 * weather station from TFA is one of the few weather stations on the market which, in addition to a weather forecast for the next three days, also receives current storm warnings and displays them via acoustic or visual signals.

The so-called sudden stratospheric warming or major warming is one of the phenomena and marginal factors that can have a lasting and often brutal influence on the winter.

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