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Accordingly, it will remain mostly cloudy and dry on Tuesday. From the evening onwards, rain is expected to come in from the Altmark, which will spread throughout the state over the course of the night. The maximum temperatures are around 20 degrees, at night it can cool down to 10 degrees.

According to the spokesman for the DWD on Wednesday, rain can be expected across the board into the night. The wind blows weak to moderate from the south-westerly direction, the maximum temperatures are between 15 and 19 degrees. Only on Thursday will it remain largely dry again, only in the southern parts of the country can rain continue to be expected. It spreads like a shower on Friday and with thunderstorms intensified throughout the state. The temperatures can then presumably climb up to 25 degrees again.

Thuringia: The people in Thuringia can expect an eventful week. “The sun is rather rare today,” said a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) on Tuesday morning. Accordingly, it will remain largely cloudy and dry on Tuesday with peak temperatures around 20 degrees. In the late evening rain should spread with the low pressure area “Xochil” from the southern Harz, only in the southern parts of the country it should remain dry. At night, temperatures can drop as low as 10 degrees. “Gray, cloudy, rain,” said the DWD spokesman for the weather on Wednesday.

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