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The southwest starts into a cool week on Monday. According to the German Meteorological Service, fog arises between the Danube and Lake Constance as well as on the Upper Rhine, where it sometimes remains cloudy all day. In the rest of the country it often stays sunny despite some clouds. The maximum values ​​are 7 to 15 degrees.

Even on Tuesday it remains foggy and cloudy between the Danube and Lake Constance and on the Upper Rhine. The weather experts expect a mix of sun and fog in the rest of the country. The maximum values ​​are between seven and 14 degrees.

Update from November 6th, 1:12 p.m.: A mood damper for everyone who currently still enjoys blue skies and sunshine in their region: It’s getting even cooler in Germany. The temperatures have already dropped drastically since the beginning of the week: On Monday, more than 20 degrees were reached and thus old November records were in some cases significantly exceeded (see first report from November 2nd). On Thursday, the maximum values ​​were only between ten and twelve degrees, according to the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday.

For the coming days, meteorologists expect similarly low temperatures – and more and more high fog. “Even if the sun struggles through the fog and high fog, it does not manage to noticeably warm the air,” they said.

Update from November 4, 6:21 p.m.: After relatively mild days, the weather will be pretty cold in the next few days – at least at night.

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